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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  August 20, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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looking for big things from the eagles this year. mostly how you guys will survive the loss of your long-time defensive coordinator jim johnson, but you also lost brian dawkins in the secondary and the guy who called defense for you. >> yeah, yeah. no doubt about it. guys have to step in. and move up, you know what i mean? they've got to make plays. another the end of the day, that's what it's all about. hopefully we'll have guys that will step up and do what they need to do. >> curt: do you expect him to be any different than jim johnson? who will recall plays and do thin things? >> well, i think everyone brings their own type of system with them.
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>> we're not bringing those things out yet. we're saving them for the season. i think we're going to continue with the same mold, being aggressive, getting after the quarterback. making plays on the ball and see where we go from there. >> curt: does it force you to take more of a leadership role? you try to help joy mays out there. >> absolutely. i'm kind of the older guy now. everybody is looking at me to take on that roll. i'm ready to step into that role and do whatever needs to be done. >> kenny: he's only 35 but this is his 11th year on the eagles staff. >> daryl: he's worked his way up
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and he's paid his dues. it's his opportunity. nobody would like to have the opportunity presented to them under the circumstances that it was, but that's the way it happened. and clint dimichelle, i agree with everything he said. he's going to have to step up. bradley is injured and he's out for the year and clint is going to have to be one of the leards on the defense. i'm excited to see what mcdermott does with this system. >> you've got to give him time. he's got a great system to work with. i think this defense is going to be fine. >> kenny: first and goal for michael. and he's brought down at the 4
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yard line. di michelle has looked good tonight. >> daryl: he has. thank goodness he had time to spend with them during the otas and throughout the summer. he's put up some nice stats. >> kenny: booker works his way down to the 1. >> daryl: here's adam dimichelle having a nice night in the backup role. adam vinatieri is going to be coming back and that's one of the things i think people lose sight of. in the preseason you're not only competing for a spot on your roster but you're also getting your face and abilities out there around the league. >> kenny: michael rolling right, now looking left. >> daryl: you've got to keep going.
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>> daryl: he had it. he hesitasitated a little. right when he starts back to his left, he's got it until he -- now curtis johnson is going to get it on the inside. back in the secondary, he might have been able to get in. >> kenny: dimichelle talked about it with mornhinweg. eagles will go for it on fourth and goal. 2:45 remaining, fourth quarter.
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wide receiver set. he throws and it's broken up. >> daryl: i think what jim caldwell is talking about, if he's going to make the roster, he's going to make it to play on special teams but that doesn't mean he hasn't done a heck of a job tonight at the linebacker spot. that's a very athletic play.
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>> kenny: the colts take over on downs. on the 3 yard line. hands it off to lance ball. and ball able to break out of the tackle of matt wilhelm and he gains a yard. busy night for ball. >> daryl: simpson came in for him and he hurt his shoulder. all of a sudden, ball is going to have a long night. two of the backs on the depth chart.
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>> kenny: donovan mcnabb on the field for 12 plays. peyton manning, two touchdown passes. mcnabb with one. colts lead 23-7.
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second down and 29 for chris crane and the colts. lance ball loses the ball. and recovered by mcdermott. the receiver out of holy cross. the colts as we mentioned earlier, have won at least 12 games, an nfl record six consecutive season. they broke the record set bier you dallas cowboys who did it four years in a row. as we take another look at the last play. won nine times the last ten seasons. lost the wild card game to san diego this year. and then the eagles, 9-6-1 last season, following a strong season. beat minnesota on the road. beat the giants on the road and their great run came to an end when they beat arizona.
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>> daryl: one of the big shockers in the playoffs. they played so well. i knew arizona was playing much better than they had at the end of the season, but i just didn't think they were going to be able to compete with the eagles that day. unfortunately another missed opportunity for the philadelphia franchise to get that coveted lombardi trophy. >> kenny: five trips to the nfc championship game the last eight years. only two remaining eagles have been a member of all five teams that have advanced to the conference championships. donovan mcnabb and david akers. akers signed with the eagles the day after andy reid was hired, back in january of 1999. mcafee was under pressure.
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gets away. ran into taj smith. second-year receiver out of syracuse. a lot of syracuse guys on the field tonight. tomorrow it's the dallas cowboys and the tennessee titans. inaugural game at dallas cowboys stadium in arlington, texas. the cowboys open up their stadium on fox tomorrow night. >> kenny: gathered in for a first down.
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>> daryl: it will be interesting to see where carolina is this year. they finished their season in the playoffs last year. new orleans they've got to get a running game. kansas city a lot of transition there this year. then a bye week and come back against tampa bay. >> kenny: michael on first down. and the pass is caught, brought down at the 21 yard line by mcbride. >> daryl: looks like they're playing a lot of games at home in the beginning of the year and playing a lot of games on the road at the end of the year. >> kenny: also an early bye, week four. dimichelle at second and 4. >> daryl: the philosophy to the early bye they try to sell you on is that it comes almost at the midpoint that you start training camp to the regular season.
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i never bought into it. >> kenny: and a look at the early schedule for jim caldwell's colts. they will open at home against jacksonville and then head on the road for three of their next four games. >> daryl: interested to see what miami did in year. i think everyone is interested in arizona. they lost their offensive and defensive coordinator. everyone is gearing up towards that big showdown with tennessee. >> kenny: to the end zone, touchdown! brandon gibson, the rookie out of washington state, sixth-round draft pick, 21-yard pass play. >> daryl: you mentioned earlier when you have injuries during the preseason, it gives someone an opportunity. brandon gibson got the opportunity because maclin was late coming into camp. he's going to be an interesting guy. we talked about the depth at the wide receiver position. and to me it's one of the more interesting things to see what's
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going to transpire during those final roster spot selections. how is philadelphia going to handle that wide receiver position. >> kenny: the eagles go for two. safety end around. and dimichelle heats myers for the two-point conversion. >> daryl: so jeremy maclin trying to get his contract sorted out. dante hughes, i don't know what he was looking at. they've got three guys over there. >> kenny: so adam dimichelle grew up in the pittsburgh area. how many quarterbacks in that area have gone on to nfl careers. dimichelle, 14 of 22, and 122 yards and a touchdown.
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>> kenny: an eight-point game. 23-15, colts. >> daryl: an opportunity for you to go over one of our new rules this year. if the on side kick sun successful, you don't get a second chance. >> daryl: which should have been in place years and years ago. >> kenny: also must be at least four players on each side, one outside the numbers. >> kenny: coming up on "fox saturday baseball" it will be the yankees and the red sox from fenway. many of you will see the cubs and the nl west leading dodgers. gillette body wash returns this year. 4:00 eastern, 1:00 pacific on
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fox. fox saturday baseball. yanke yankees-red sox and the cubs meet the dodgers in l.a. >> kenny: teed up at the 30. >> kenny: the on side kick attempt is gathered in by lance ball. >> daryl: that's a nice job by the coach, getting his team
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ready. i think a lot of people focus on the catch on an on side kick, but he's got his guys up front blocking to make sure the guy who's going to concentrate and make that catch doesn't get blown up. the guys on the frontline did a real nice job allowing the catch to be made. that was the guy in the frontline that had the block, the guys running ten yards as fast as they could why we stood there. my record was three in a row. >> kenny: teams were rewarded. >> daryl: it was unbelievable. >> kenny: that rule has been changed. and peyton manning and the colts win for the first time during this 2009 preseason. eagles drop to 0-2. the eagles will host jacksonville next thursday. colts will visit detroit next saturday. peyton manning, two first quarter touchdown passes.
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the other two, reggie wayne. as the colts defeat the eagles by a score of 23-15 here in indianapolis. coming up next on fox, late local news, except on the west coast. >> daryl: i love indoor pyrotechnics, kenny! >> kenny: tomorrow, the cowboys and the titans. in dallas cowboys stadium in arlington. coverage begins at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific, right here on fox. and on fox saturday baseball, prentsed by gillette body wash on saturday, the yankees face the red sox. the cubs take on the dodgers. it gets under way at 4:00 eastern, 1:00 pacific right here on fox.
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the eagles and the colts, weak two of the preseason here in indianapolis. terrific first quarter for peyton manning and the colts. they win it 23-15. for more information on today's game and the latest in nfl news, log on to, powered by msn, the world's fave it sports site. so long from indy.
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